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Some say the “Holy Grail” of motorcycle riding is to get your knee down around a corner. For those who have attended a knee down course may well have achieved this.

In this course you will add to your previous achievements and in doing so continue to hone your cornering techniques and to take it to the next level (knee down at the track). And for those new to the knee down course a new beginning.

Each rider will have plenty of time to go at their own speed. During the day you will receive both group training and individual attention to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

There is nothing quite like getting your knee down around a corner when you’re riding a motorcycle. It’s a sign of mastery that few motorcyclists achieve with their riding. However, at Rider Bros our Knee Down course is turning out students getting their knee down with near 100% consistency.

Course Content:


  • Entry point and speed
  • Throttle control
  • Rider input
  • Visual skills and cornering lines
  • Classroom sessions (short)
  • Body position
  • Personal feedback


To prevent cancelling due to weather conditions, we are only able to run this course during the warmer months and it is typically run on a Friday.

We welcome calls throughout the year where you can be added to a waiting list and when we have arranged a suitable date/s we will contact you.

No deposit is required to be added to the waiting list.

To avoid disappointment please be aware that we are only able to run this course once or twice a year, as our Learner Permit and Licence training does take precedence.

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