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Course Content:

  • Cornering / Visual skills
  • Throttle control
  • Counter steering / Advanced swerving
  • Advanced braking / Mid corner braking
  • Personal feedback
  • Classroom sessions (short)


Venue: Broadford Race track

Cost: $315
Lunch & light refreshments provided
Deposit required to confirm position, limited spots available

The course will be a full day held at Broadford racetrack on your own bike with lunch and refreshments supplied!

More Info

Please call the office for more info.

Track management require all riders to have ambulance cover.

Full protective gear (leathers for knee-down) and bikes must be track/roadworthy good tyres, brakes etc

There will be group training along with individual tuition. (Classroom and track)

Limited spots available


To prevent cancelling due to weather conditions, we are only able to run this course during the warmer months and it is typically run on a Friday.

We welcome calls throughout the year where you can be added to a waiting list and when we have arranged a suitable date/s we will contact you.

No deposit is required to be added to the waiting list.

To avoid disappointment please be aware that we are only able to run this course once or twice a year, as our Learner Permit and Licence training does take precedence.

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