Motorcycle/Scooter Learner Course – 2 Days

Mandatory Rider training was introduced by VicRoads in 2016 as part of the new Motorcycle Graduated licencing system (M-GLS) aimed at making motorcycle riding safer for novice riders.

The development of the course by motorcyclists and education professionals, based on research and worlds best practice; particularly not just focuses on handling the motorcycle but thinking why you want to ride and the safety decisions you will need to make as a rider.



8.00 am to 3.30pm (course finish time may vary slightly for each day)

Approximately 15 hours

Course content

  • Learn the key elements of riding a motorcycle/scooter
  • Throttle control
  • Breaking
  • Clutch and gear changing
  • Turning – Eye direction and posture
  • Balance – Slow riding
  • Hazard avoidance – Quick stopping
  • Road craft – A framework for how to ride on the road
  • Knowledge Written Test (based on the Victorian Rider Handbook)
  • Motorcycle Permit  Assessment (off-road)
  • Motorcycle Permit  Assessment (on-road)


A Motorcycle/Scooter, Helmet, Jacket and Gloves will all be provided for you to use throughout the course.

It is essential that you read through the Victorian Rider handbook prior to course commencement. You can download a copy of the handbook here. 

Alternatively you can pick up a hard copy from a Vic Roads office or a local news agency.


Once you have successfully completed the course and assessment, you will be issued with a Victorian Motorcycle learner Permit which is valid for 15 months. (a temporary paper licence will be given to you on the day)

The following restrictions apply for ALL motorcycle learner permit holders:

  • Must not ride a motorcycle unless the headlight(s) of the motorcycle are on at all times
  • Must wear an approved high visibility vest or jacket that is visible and securely fitted and fastened
  • Must only ride a motorcycle fitted with an automatic transmission if the learner permit skill assessment was passed on a motorcycle fitted with an automatic transmission
  • Must display an ‘L’ plate on the rear of the motorcycle that is clearly visible from a distance of 20 metres
  • Must carry the learner permit card at all times when riding a motorcycle or a receipt until the learner permit card is received
  • Must not ride a motorcycle other than a learner approved motorcycle (LAMS)
  • Must not ride a motorcycle carrying a pillion passenger (a motorcycle and sidecar is acceptable with a passenger)
  • Must have zero Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) when riding a motorcycle (0.00)
  • Must not ride a motorcycle which is towing a trailer
  • Must wear an approved protective helmet at all times when riding
  • Must not use a mobile phone for any purpose (hands free or hand held) including sending or reading text messages, when the motorcycle is moving or stationary in traffic.